To open deeply, as genuine spiritual life requires,
we need tremendous courage and strength, a kind of warrior spirit.
— Jack Kornfield

We're here to support each other on the difficult path of awakening.

Our location and schedule

The Bluegum Sangha meets 7PM – 9PM at our venue in Sydney's lower North Shore, as listed on our schedule.

The evening format is flexible according to the scheduled activities. In general:

  • We meet at 7PM to commence a meditation at 7:15PM (30-45 minutes), which is occasionally guided. Chairs and cushions are available.

  • Following the meditation are announcements and tea (15 minutes).

  • There is then a scheduled speaker, group discussion or web presentation, with the finish at 9PM. Suggested topics are welcome.

The Cost

The Bluegum Sangha relies on the generosity of its members. A basket is provided for the collection of dana (generosity), which allows members to show appreciation to the night’s teacher and to cover modest sangha running costs.

Your company is very welcome!

You are very welcome to attend on any Monday night. New and experienced meditators alike, we’re here to support your practice.

If you are new to meditation, our schedule offers guided meditation nights with introductory instructions. We are also happy to recommend beginners' courses and workshops.

Please feel welcome to get in touch using the form below. If you have any questions, or just want to introduce yourself prior to attending, we’d love to hear from you!

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