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Meditation and dharma talk with Susan Murphy

  • Don Bank Museum 6 Napier Street North Sydney, NSW, 2060 Australia (map)

Join us for a meditation and dharma talk, to be presented tonight by Susan Murphy. In tonight’s talk, Susan will look into the question of profane and holy in light of the radical depth of anatta (no-self), and will explore the significance of this for engaged practice.

The Bluegum Sangha's dharma talk series provides a secular environment to hear Buddhist teachings. At their core, these teachings aim to help guide our lives towards liberation from dukkha (unsatisfactoriness).

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Since receiving formal inka as a lineage holder in the Diamond Sangha and Pacific Zen lineages in 2001, Dr Susan Murphy, Zen Roshi, has led regular seven-day Zen retreats in Melbourne, Hobart, and in her home zendo ‘Cloud Mountain’, near Berry in NSW. She is the founding teacher of Zen Open Circle, and author of three volumes on Zen (Upside-Down Zen, 2006;  Minding the Earth, Mending the World, 2012; Red Thread Zen, 2016). She is also a prize-winning film writer-director and a regular freelance producer of feature documentaries for ABC Radio National.